Come to Sugar Creek Orchard



Here's how:

What to bring

  • Bring a handful of plastic grocery bags

  • Bring an orchard map. You may print one here and here.

  • Bring your smart phone (Everyone has a smartphone, right? If you're the last person in America without a smartphone, bring a teen-ager with you, you can use theirs!

  • OR, leave the smartphone at home and settle up from your computer when you get home!

  • Be sure to check out the Sugar Creek Orchard blog to see what is ripe.

Where to park

we have two fields, one at 5395 Sugar Creek Rd  and one at the corner of Sugar Creek Rd and Cool Rd, both near Beaverdam, Ohio.

Park along the side of the road with one wheel in the grass. There will be plenty of room for others to drive by.

(The residence at 5395 Sugar Creek is private. We ask you to be courteous and respect the privacy of the occupants)

How to find a variety

Plan ahead and print out an orchard map before you come: East Field & West Field


Or bookmark the orchard map on your smartphone! Each row and each tree is clearly marked.


How to checkout

Click HERE to go to the store page. Add the number of apples in your bag(s) to the cart and check out with a credit card.

Alternatively: If you have correct change, find the cash box at the entrance to the west orchard and drop your money inside.

Sugar Creek Orchard is family owned and is situated on land in Allen County, Ohio. Though the orchard is just a few years old, the Bassett family has owned and farmed land in the township for over 185 years.

We hope you enjoy your time in the orchard and come back to visit us often!