Storm Damage and A Big Mower

The two aren't connected, you know? The big mower and the storm damage; they're two different things. Let's start with the easy one - the big mower.

After cleaning the debris out of the fuel tank and the radiator, the big mower is ready to go back to work. Two days from now, everything will be groomed again.

Storm damage? Well, three years ago we had a micro-burst of tornadic proportions hit our young trees in the west field. To this day you can see its path, a line of weak, damaged, and leaning trees on the western third of the western field.

The storm did severe damage to about 120 trees, breaking trunks just beneath the surface and destroying main root leaders. We've nursed the trees along but it has become obvious that about 60 trees just need to be replaced.

Once the picking season is over, all the weak trees will be destroyed and we're going to replant next spring. I look forward to filling out the orchard with healthy trees.

So in case you wanted to know why that corner of the orchard looked so bad, well, now you know.

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