Some of the best apples ever are now being harvested at Sugar Creek Orchard!

Hyperbole? No, not from me! But now that October is upon us, our offerings have changed some. Gone are the Galas and the Jonamacs. But say hello to Smoothee, Golden Delicious, and Snowsweet. Join us Saturday morning at the farm - 5530 Sugar Creek Rd, Beaverdam, Ohio - from 8:00 to 1:00 to try some of these incredibly tasty varieties. And if you've never had, or even heard of Snowsweet, you should know that of all the varieties we grow, this is my personal favorite! Available now:

Honeycrisp Ruby Mac Linda Mac Daybreak Fuji Crimson Crisp

Crimson Gold Liberty Smoothee Golden Delicious Snowsweet

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