Come to Sugar Creek Orchard



Bring your own grocery bag and wander the orchard! We have great bargains on any size bag you need!

Pick your apples fresh off the tree. Or, for a real bargain, pick one off the ground - it's free! (Just to be clear, shaking the tree to make apples fall to the ground really isn't fair. Just saying.)

Be an organizer!

Do you have a group that needs an outing? Bring them to the orchard! A stroll through the trees with friends can make a delightful and memorable experience!

Do you have a class of students that need an activity? Why not arrange a trip to the orchard? We can arrange to meet you for your event. What child doesn't want to fill a bag with fresh apples?

You can come to the orchard and have it all to yourself, dawn to dusk, seven days a week. Or you can contact us and we'll arrange for a host to be there for you.