Sugar Creek Orchard, Beaverdam, Ohio

Yes, Sugar Creek Orchard really is an apple-producing orchard.


Conceived in the fall of 2011, we began our first plantings in the spring of 2012. To date we have established nearly one thousand trees, all modern varieties, carefully cultivated for the sweetest, best-tasting fruit possible.


With four years in the ground, our first planting began bearing fruit in 2015, producing over three tons of apples. We were delighted to take this first crop and give it away to neighbors and friends.


Now in our 7th year, we have refined our techniques and are getting high and higher quality apples from each and every tree. And as the trees mature, we are also producing more and more apples each year.

As a dedicated pick-your-own orchard, you willl want to come experience the orchard many times each fall.  We invite you to enjoy a walk up and down the carefully groomed rows of apple trees.



In May of 1828, Congress authorized the State of Ohio to sell public lands for the purpose of financing the Miami Canal extension northward. Samuel and Elsie Bassitt, having pioneered Trumball County Ohio, took advantage of the opportunity and became one of the first settlers of European descent to inhabit northwest Ohio.


Now, 185 years later, the land purchased by Sam & Elsie in Bath Township, Allen County, Ohio, is still in the family. As the family has grown, so too has the amount of land owned and farmed by the family grown. Family owned by the descendants of Sam and Elsie, Sugar Creek Orchard is just a mile down the road from the original Bassett homestead, and just two stone throws away from the perennial stream Sugar Creek.

So why make candles? As we plan to open our on-site retail space in the fall of 2016, we are looking for a more robust product line to enhance our variety of apples. Beyond traditional apple-based products such as cider, apple sauce and apple butter, we believe candles will make a great addition to the shopping experience for our customers. In the same way that we desire to grow only the finest fruit, we also endeavor to produce candles that are second to none!

Our goal in candle making is to craft a high-end soy candle with outstanding fragrance and superb cosmetic presentation. Though it would be possible to make a candle from any commercially available fragrance, we are gravitating to fragrances that are apple based, spice based, and suggestive of flavorful beverages.


So welcome to Sugar Creek Orchard. We would love to send you a fragrant, new candle. And I hope that you will join us at the orchard this fall!