Sugar Creek Orchard

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Sugar Creek Orchard
Sugar Creek Orchard - UAV
Apple season has come to an end!

Between now and the end of November you may be able to find a few apples on some of the trees, but it will require some walking and exploring. For the rest of the year, any apples you can find are 3 for the price of one. If you are making cider or sauce, you should be able to find plenty of blemished apples.

Thanks to everyone who helped make our year a success.

Come to Sugar Creek Orchard and


We are open for Pick-Your-Own every day from dawn to dusk!

Go to our store page for full details. 

Most days the orchard is not attended, but that is no problem. Bring your smart phone to check out, and a few grocery bags in which to place your apples.

Enjoy the solitude of the orchard and wander its rows. There's never a need to be in a hurry.

There is easy checkout from our shopping page, just choose the number of apples picked and provide your credit card.

Conveniently located in NW Ohio with easy

access to I-75 and US 30

Be an organizer!

Do you have a group that needs an outing? Bring them to the orchard! A stroll through the trees with friends can make a delightful and memorable experience!

Do you have a class of students that need an activity? Why not arrange a trip to the orchard? We can arrange to meet you for your event. What child doesn't want to fill a bag with fresh apples?

You can come to the orchard and have it all to yourself, dawn to dusk, seven days a week. Or you can contact us and we'll arrange for a host to be there for you.

How to Rate an Apple

Apples have 4 basic taste qualities. We invite you to print the card below and rate our different varieties. You may be surprised and find a new favorite!

Apple Score Card.JPG

Download a printable copy of the SCO Apple Score Card!

When at the orchard, feel free to leave your evaluations in the cash box, we'd love to know what you think!

Download ->

Conveniently located at 5395 Sugar Creek Rd, Beaverdam, Ohio

Established 2012

Sugar Creek Orchard grows on ten acres of northwest Ohio's richest farmland. Through its first four years, the orchard has grown through new plantings each season. In 2015, the orchard reached nearly 1,000 trees.


We are growing 32 different varieties of the newest, sweetest apple varieties available to small fruitgrowers. The earliest apples ripen late in July with the last of the

2012                                           2018

Sugar Creek Orchard

crop reaching its maturity in November. We have a wide variety for every purpose, eating, baking, and cidering.

Variety Name
Brookfield Gala
Buckeye Gala
Crimson Gala
Ultima Gala
Ruby Mac

Linda Mac

Jul 15

Aug 15

Aug 15

Aug 20

Aug 26

Sep 2

Sep 2

Sep 2

Sep 2

Sep 3

Sep 5

Variety Name
Crimson Crisp
Daybreak Fuji
Honey Crisp
Crimson Gold
September Fuji

Golden Delic

Snow Sweet



Sep 10

Sep 10

Sep 10

Sep 15

Sep 15

Sep 17
Sep 20
Sep 24
Sep 25

Sep 25

Oct 1

Variety Name

Red Jonaprince

Red Cameo
Nova Spy
Candy Crisp
Stark Braestar
Gold Rush


Oct 3

Oct 3
Oct 3
Oct 4
Oct 4
Oct 5
Oct 10
Oct 12
Oct 20
Oct 24
Nov 10